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Well hello there!

This is a surprise isn't it? I'm having a go at blogging! 

So this is something I've been meaning to take up for a VERY long time. I used to be kiiiind of okay at it when I had a website that didn't actually sell anything. Do any of you remember that website? My goodness. Let's not. Anyway. I'm finally getting around to it! I want to add some value to my website; something more than just 'BUY MY STUFF PLEASE'. A place where you can come and chill for a bit and also a bit of an outlet for me. This is where I'll be sharing behind the scenes posts, a look at bespoke orders I sometimes do and also some of my best product finds (I love supporting small businesses, and I want you to as well).

I thought I'd ease us all in with a little introduction of the I am Nat team (which is far more glamorous than it sounds, I can assure you!)...

First up is myself. Natalie. Owner/Director/Designer of I am Nat Ltd. I never do know what my job title is! I've been in business since just before leaving university in 2011. You've probably seen the odd photograph of me floating about on social media, although I do make this a fairly rare occurrence! This one was taken in Iceland last month. If you haven't been, you really should make it your next destination!

Natalie Ramsell

Next up is Laura. I am Nat Studio Assistant/Elf. Laura joined me in September 2017. Amongst MANY other things, she is responsible for getting your orders out to you! Laura is also a dance teacher...and she has the most amazing hair. LOOK AT IT.

Laura Robinson

And last but by NO means least, we have Skyler. Task Master and face of all cute. If any of you follow me on Instagram, you'll be very used to her face indeed. Skyler joined the team in December 2016 and makes herself right at home in the studio! You shouldn't mess with her. 

Skyler Miniature Schnauzer

And that's us! I do hope you're all stuffing yourselves with pancakes today!

Have a lovely week!

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  • Nat! You’ve done amazing, I believe you have become one of my oldest friends, not because you’re particularly old, but nearly a decade has passed since upon a chance meeting in a nightclub in the city you were studying at, I found out your South African Heritage and my friends and I pestered you all evening to share our very poor and mostly inappropriate accents. And here you are, a mere few months away from being married with a beautiful business as your career to boot.
    Laura and I look forward to meeting up with you both next week, maybe it is high time we made a plan…? I think dinner is most definitely on the agenda xx

    Ian on
  • OOh exciting to hear you are going to start blogging – can’t wait to read your posts x

    Lyn on
  • Nat – I am so proud of what you have achieved and just how beautiful your creations are. I remember when, at the age of 16/17, you had to choose between studying art / graphics at university or something academic – you were one of those annoyingly gifted students who excelled with both sides of the brain! I think it is obvious that you made the right decision. I love checking up on you on social media (not weird at all!) to see how well you are doing and it always brings a smile to my face. I’m now overjoyed to see that you are getting married soon :) xx

    Angela Mogridge on

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